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Our lines are braided from Spectra™ yarns. Spectra is a brand of gel-spun UHMWPE fibre which is short for Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene. This material is one of the small range of super fibres developed over the last decades. Kevlar which is probably the best known was one of the earlier super fibres and has now been replaced in many applications by later arrivals such as gel-spun UHMWPE, Vectran and PBO which are almost twice as strong and also have other advantages. For fishing lines the most suitable super fibre is  UHMWPE because of its strength, UV resistance and lack of problems with water.  The two official brands of UHMWPE are Spectra, made by Honeywell in the USA, and Dyneema made by DSM of the Netherlands. These two brands dominate the market and they both produce UHMWPE yarns in a range of of similar sizes and qualities. The manufacturing process is extremely complex and worldwide demand still exceeds supply as it is used in a wide range of products such as bullet-proof vests, ropes for the shipping industry, space craft etc..

We prefer Spectra for our lines and we have an excellent relationship with Honeywell and have access to their latest technology. Honeywell produce 3 ranges of UHMWPE, Spectra 900, 1000 and 2000, with the latter being the top of the range and the 1000 and 900 being successively lower in strength and stiffness. Broadly speaking our Value range is made from Spectra 900, the Premium range is made from 1000 and the Elite range is made from Spectra 2000.

See these PDF’s from Honeywell on the range of Spectra yarns.

Because of patent protection there are no other official producers, however there are a number of producers in China who make a similar product but mostly of inferior and varying quality. These yarns end up in a number of mainly cheaper fishing braids which are not doing the reputation of fishing braids any good.