Proud man holding a large fish he caught.

Tasline Fishing Line

Made in New Zealand for local conditions

Welcome to our Tasline website. Here you can find information on our range of fishing braids and on new products.

As you probably already know fishing braid made from hi-tech fibres such as Spectra and Dyneema has revolutionized recreational fishing around the world. These so-called super lines are strength for strength much thinner than Nylon mono and much, much stiffer meaning that from the first nudge, you can feel every touch or movement enabling better timing of the hook set and also firmer setting of the hook even at depths over 100m.

Our lines are made here in Christchurch, New Zealand using Spectra yarn which is sourced from Honeywell in the USA. We produce a variety of fishing braids across a number of ranges which are called Value, Premium and Elite.

  • Our mainstay is the Premium range which gives a good balance between cost and performance and will deliver on the expectations of the vast majority of fishing enthusiasts.
  • Our Value range caters for our more cost conscious customers and consists of a small range of useful braids which will perform adequately.
  • At the other end of the spectrum for the most discerning fishing enthusiasts we have developed a special range called Elite which is now distributed by Busted Fishing in Australia ( )

News August 2015

Unfortunately our relationship with SAS Braid in Australia, who have been the distributors for the 'All-White' range (our Elite range) the last 3 years, has deteriorated recently. Because of their financial situation recently they have not been able to hold sufficient stock and often couldn't satisfy demand.

Because of that we (Tasline) have decided to bring in Busted Fishing as a co-distributor and SAS Braid have reacted badly to that. Since then SAS Braid have posted a confusing and confrontational statement on their Facebook page where they seem to criticise the quality and consistency of our lines. However they have never mentioned anything to us of course because there never was a problem with our line.

We will carry on making our line under the 'Tasline' brand as before and use the best practise, state of the art machinery, special treatments and top quality yarns to manufacture top performing lines for a competitive price. If you want to buy the range of lines made by us and known before as 'All-White' (SAS Braid) then please visit the Busted Fishing website   

Just to clarify Tasline only supplied the 20lb and up lines to SAS Braid not the lighter lines which were sourced from Korea. We will be introducing lighter lines in the medium term ourselves." 


photographs courtesy of Pete Lamb Fishing